What Are The Best Mother's Day Gifts During This Quarantine Period?

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The second Sunday of May is a much loved day here in the Philippines. It's Mother's Day! And despite the fact that we are still under the extended Home Quarantine to help flatten the curve of the pandemic Corona Virus, we still need to celebrate this beautiful day. While we are staying at home, here are some tips and gifts ideas that you can surprise your Mom, Mum, Mama, Mommy, Mami, Momsy, or whatever you call your dearest Mother. Are you ready?

Here Are The Top 10 Best Mother's Day Gifts During This Quarantine Period And Where To Order Them!

1. Bouquet of Flowers - Flowers never fail to amaze Ladies of all ages and that includes the first woman in our lives, our Mama! Where to buy Flowers here in Cebu? I strongly recommend Flowers Cafe Cebu, they are dedicated and the best for this craft. Take note, last day of order is on May 8, 2020.

SHOP: Flowers Cafe Cebu
SITE: www.FlowersCafeCebu.com
CONTACT: 09297982124
PRICE RANGE: 1,000-8,000 (depends on the flowers)

2. Buy her a Chocolate Cake - next to Flowers is, of course, Chocolate or Chocolate Cake! Where to order the best Chocolate Cake here in Cebu? You can contact below.

For Metro Manila, you can contact #8-7777
For outside Metro Manila, check out this Red Ribbon Bakeshop Directory and Available Services.

CONTACT: +63-32-346-1121 or Call 255.4783 or 255.2972 for your take-out orders. And order via Food Panda or GrabFood for your deliveries.
FACEBOOK MESSENGER: @orangebrutusofficialpage

3. Give her a sweet Krispy Kreme Original Glazed treat!

Mother's Day Special from Krispy Kreme!!!
Get 1 FREE tub of Krispy Kreme Handcrafted by Chef Tony’s Popcorn if you order from May 4-9, 2020 via https://now.krispykreme.com.ph or 888-79000.

4. Cook her some good breakfast or order from Pancake House - Nothing beats a good food to start a special day with a special person in our lives but if you are too busy to cook, a good pancake should start-up your day with Mom!

To order, call 888-79000 or visit https://delivery.pancakehouse.com.ph/. Also available via GrabFood, FoodPanda, and LalaFood.
Or check out this directory of Pancake House Operating Stores Nationwide.

5. Get her some make-up or self-care kit - Yes! This gift would bring a big smile to our Mama! Don't forget to add Perfume and other fragrances, lipstick and face care. Promise, even our Moms are staying at home, they won't stop those beauty care!

WHERE TO ORDER? Landers PH brings back Same Day Delivery. So check out their site for orders. And they have amazing Mother's Day special which starts at PHP 99.

6. Pizza Dinner with Family? How about a pizza treat to Mama and fam while watching Movies or just doing chit-chats? This is would sound normal but it's a good idea during home quarantine mother's day celebration.

To order, visit greenwichdelivery.comπŸ“± orπŸ“ž call #5-55-55 or the stores directly through their contact numbers found in this Greenwich Stores Directory Link.

Place your advance orders as early as today at delivery.yellowcabpizza.com to make sure they're already queued for delivery at your preferred time.

You may also place your delivery orders via:
☎️ Direct to store
☎️ Metro Manila Hotline at 8-789-9999 / 0918-8073591 / 0918-8073590 / 0918-8038306
πŸ• GrabFood
πŸ• FoodPanda
πŸ• LalaFood

For Cebu, check out below numbers or contact 254-1111.

7. Watch mother-themed movies with family - Netflix is the key! Check out this list of Mother Themed movies. Enjoy!

8. Data Load Bundle For Mama - Promise, this works! You have your Mama's mobile number, so give her a Data Load which is good for social media or browsing. Our Mothers love watching random videos on youtube and trust me, you will witness their giggles and laughs which are cute actually.

For SUN Subscribers, dial *123# to avail some SULIT SURF PLUS or GIGA offerings!
For SMART Subscribers, check out their Smart Signature Sale especially made for Mamas.

9. Timex Watches For Women - This may sound weird but my Mama really loves Timex Watches especially those Men Watches. She actually wears Timex Chronograph watch everyday. But of course, here in the Philippines - you can order Timex Womens Watches from Lazada.

For global locations, you can order Mother's Day Timex Watches by visiting below.

10. Send her Money via BPI bank transfer or PayMaya- This sounds crazy but money works every time! If you don't have anything in your mind to give for your Mothers, then give her money with love. You can always do bank transfer via BPI or using your e-wallet PayMaya - it's free! Happy Mother's day!

While you are here, check out PLDT Home #StoriesAtHome Mother's Day special. Enjoy and stay safe!

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