How To Disable Or Block Mobile Legends Using PLDT Home Fibr

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Online Class is officially starting next week and as a Guardian or Parents, we need to control the gaming and another unnecessary browsing of our kids online or even on their mobile phone. So in this special article, I will give you a quick guide on how to disable or block the most played mobile games, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang using our PLDT Home Fibr Control Panel. Also, how to enable it back. Are you ready?

FOLLOW STEPS BELOW (If you encounter issue in accessing your super admin account, please leave a comment and I will reply accordingly.)

1. Browse to PLDT Home Fibr Control Panel by copying this address ( to the URL Box of google chrome or any web browsers. 

2. Login using your admin account 

3. Click the Security tab and choose IPv4 Filtering

4. Click IPv4 Filtering and follow the below details: 

  • Under Filter Mode, choose Black List and click the Apply button
  • Click Add button Under Direction, choose Lan>Wan 
  • Under SRC Port, type 5001 in the first box and to the next box 65535 
  • Under DST Port, type 5001 in the first box and to the next box 65535 
  • Under Protocol, choose TCP Click APPLY button 

5. You are all set!!!!! (Evil Laugh!

How to enable accessing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? Simply follow below.

1. Still under Security Tab, choose Firewall 

 2. Click IPv4 Filtering 

 3. Under the Filtering Rules List, tick to check the first ID you created earlier and click the Delete button

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  1. inde lang mobile legends ang ni block dito grabe namang range yan

    1. Agree..pati internet calling VoIP port 5060

  2. block lahat games nyan sa ganyang range

  3. Okay lang if lahat ng ports basta determined yung destination. Kaso pag naka ALL and destination, hindi lang ML blocked, pati ibang applications.

  4. bakit wala pong IPV4 filtering yung sa akin?


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