Nara Park is Japan's Deer Park

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[October 19, 2019] Another day in the land of the rising sun, Japan! This time we went to a famous park in Nara prefecture, Nara Park. This famous green park in the central-southern part of Japan is well-known for its Deers. Just when we're on our way to the park, we can already see a number of Deers on the streets that's why Nara in general is the home of Japan's lovely Deers. We spent the whole day just walking around Nara Park and of course, tasting some ice cream in the corner. 


Aside from the hundreds of Deers, Nara Park is also known for its main attractions such as Todaiji, Kasuga Taisha, Kofukuji, and the Nara National Museum. You can buy deer crackers inside the park or just around the corner but here's an important reminder, make sure to hide all the food and other edible stuff you are bringing because the Deers will surely grab them from you in no time! 


When we visited Nara Park, we already checked-in to our Tokyo Hostel so we spent at least half of the half-day traveling from Tokyo to Nara Park. I just thank JR Pass for providing us an opportunity to ride the fastest train in Japan, the Shinkansen. IMPORTANT NOTE: You can purchase JR Pass via Klook App if you wish to freely enjoy your Japan Travel. 

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Now, here are some cute Deer Photos I got!!!!

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