Shop Chippy, Piattos, Nova, Cream-O, URC Brands on Lazada!

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Yes, yes! You read it right! Hello to Nova Lovers out there!!! We can now enjoy our beloved snacks while staying at home by just shopping on Lazada! I am so hyper about this news. Sorry! (Wink) Universal Robina Corporations Brands are now available on Lazada.

URC, one of the biggest food and beverage makers in the country, has recently opened its official store in Lazada’s LazMall.  Through this, Piattos, Nova, Cream-O, Cloud 9, Nissin Cup Noodles, Great Taste, C2, Maxx, and other URC snacks, candy, biscuit, chocolate, and beverage favorites can easily be purchased in just a few clicks.

To order, simply use the Lazada mobile app or visit its website, enter the LazMall channel, search for URC products, and add them to a virtual basket. Upon checkout, customers can opt to pay cash on delivery or use credit/debit cards—allowing for a convenient and safe way to satisfy food and drink cravings, all from the comfort of their homes.

To fast-track, the process, simply head to Universal Robina Lazada Shop to get your snack stash today.

Learn more about URC by visiting Get your stash of URC’s well-loved treats by visiting its official store on Lazada’s LazMall.

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