Lyrics, Video Pag-Ibig ang Piliin By Moira Dela Torre #ChooseToLove

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Hatred has no good to us, especially in this pandemic era. Why not choose to love instead? This is the message that PLDT Home wants to share with all Filipinos - it is all about HOPE and LOVE this VALENTINE'S DAY. Performed by the award-winning singer-songwriter  Moira Dela Torre, "Pagibig ang Pipiliin" tugs the hearts of her fans through an inspiring theme of how love can build the strongest connection. 

Whatever you do, always #ChooseToLove !!! Thanks for this reminder PLDT/ PLDT Home! #PLDT #PLDTHome #ValentinesDay


Pareho lang tayo, Naghahanap ng kublihan kung saan tayo'y tanggap
Ang magmahal ng hindi kailangan magpanggap
Ngunit minsan nasasaktan gayong nagmahal ka lang
Tinatakasan ang mapanghusgang mundo
Ngunit kung pag-ibig lang ang panghawakan mo

Kahit na di natin alam ang bukas
Kahit di sumikat ang araw at bumuhos ang ulan
Kahit di umayon ang tadhana
Isang tawag mo lang, pupuntahan nasaan ka man
Ganyan ang tunay na pag-ibig
'Di takot sa mundo,
ipaglalaban kita hanggang sa dulo
Pag-ibig ang pipili-in ko
Pag-ibig ang pipili-in ko

Pareho lang tayo, naghahanap ng makakapitan
Mahal kang totoo
Walang panghuhusga at tanggap ka ng buo
Ngunit minsan nasasaktan gayong nagmamahal ka lang
Maiiwasan ba ang lupit ng mundo
Ngunit kung pagibig lang ang panghawakan
Sapat na yan, kumapit lang


Pag-ibig ang pipili-in ko

Moira dela Torre chooses love as the main message for her brand-new music ‘Pag-Ibig ang Pipiliin’, written and arranged by award-winning songwriter Jonathan Manalo and co-written by Trisha Denise. Moira shares that she ‘feels honored’ for being chosen by PLDT Home for this campaign. She says, “The message of this song embodies what I have been advocating for these past few years. Choosing love and positivity, and now we made it into a song!”

The song tells us that despite the challenges and difficulties of love in the real world, one can always choose to connect the right way. That’s why this Valentine’s Day, PLDT Home also encourages everyone to inspire and cultivate positivity because the strongest connections are made with love. 

With “Choose to Love” as the theme of her newest Valentine’s song, Moira shares her life’s personal connection to the soundtrack. In her latest social media post, she says, “Every morning, I wake up to a man who chooses to love me…But then this guy knocks. Every single day. Knocks until I open the door. Hugs me ‘til I’m out of tears. Takes care of me ‘til I’m well. Prays with me when I can’t find hope for myself. And for that, I find myself so thankful. What I’ve learned from marriage is that love is a choice – a very beautiful and brave choice to make every single morning.” 

Winning her way into the hearts of her fans by the sheer beauty and honesty of her songs over the years, Moira’s journey to fame was not an easy one. Much like her music, it was filled with challenges, heartbreak, and letting go. But true love does not give up, and neither did she.

In 2018, Moira released a song entitled ‘Malaya’. Shattering hearts and records alike, this hit-single propelled Moira and her mastery of songwriting into greater heights. A multitude of listeners all claims that Moira’s songs hit more than just the right note, but that they spoke straight to the heart and echo the feelings and stories of those that listened to them. The hits continued to pour out; ‘Tagpuan’, ‘Ikaw at Ako’, ‘Paubaya’ and many other songs started to pull at the heartstrings of fans and established Moira as a genuine artist.

Powered by PLDT Home, Moira’s fans and online listeners can eagerly catch Moira’s latest single ‘Pag-ibig ang Pipiliin’ on PLDT Home’s Facebook and YouTube channels. 

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