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Who doesn't want rewards? Thanks to PLDT Home Rewards program, all PLDT Home customers can now get discounts, receive surprise perks and earn "crystals" that can be used for bill rebates, discounts to PLDT products and services, deals from partner merchants, and raffle entries! Let me give you guidance on how to avail of this amazing initiative from the country's fastest internet service provider, PLDT! 

What is PLDT Home Rewards?

Now bigger and better, the PLDT Home Rewards program allows members to earn CRYSTALS in exchange for exciting treats, bill rebates, and discounts. Exclusive to PLDT Home subscribers, members can also enjoy surprise perks and amazing freebies.

Who can enroll to PLDT Home Rewards program?

All customers with an active PLDT Home account are eligible to register. Existing PLDT Rewards members don’t need to re-enroll. Log-in here to check your rewards.

How to enroll to the PLDT Home Rewards  program?

Register your details through the MVP Rewards site. It’s fast and easy! Just sign up here .

What are CRYSTALS and how do I earn them?

Crystals serve as points which you can exchange for amazing treats from PLDT and its partners. To earn more, all you have to do is pay PLDT bills on time, avail PLDT services and more.

Learn more here .

Where can I use my CRYSTALS?

Exchange your crystals for bill rebates, discounts and amazing deals from our partners! Plus, get a chance to win exciting perks and raffle prizes. Sign up now and choose from these awesome deals.

What is MVP Rewards?

PLDT Home Rewards is powered by MVP Rewards Solutions, Inc - the rewards solutions by the MVP Group of Companies.

Through its website and app, members can view their rewards transaction history and crystals earned, redeem rewards and avail other deals. Visit the PLDT HOME Rewards Marketplace to check all the treats to enjoy!

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