How To Fix : Shopee, Lazada Network Error During Login

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Have you encountered error during login on your fave Shopping Apps such as Shopee and Lazada? Don't worry I got you covered! If you see this error "Network Error. Please try again later.", then this article is for you.

Shopee Network Error During Login

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SOLUTION 1 - Clear Cache or Uninstall
Before proceeding with solution 2, you might check these steps first.

1. Uninstall your Shopee/Lazada App or Update your Shopee/Lazada App via Google Play or Apple Store.
2. Clear Cache/Data
  • Go to Settings > Applications > Shopee (Lazada). 
  • Tap on “Storage” and then tap on “Clear Data” to reset data. 
  • This should fix “Network error, please try again later” error.

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