No Dad Like You! Father's Day Special!

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On Sunday, June 20, it's Father's Day here in the Philippines. All Parents are special to all their children. For me, my Mother and Father are the first Heroes of my life. They've been living so hard for us, working so hard for us, and giving everything for us. Both are important to our lives! May is all about Mother's day and this month, we give all our love to the "Pillar Of Our Home", our Fathers!

Recently, my Papa got a mild stroke. It worried and frightened us at the same time. He's been doing some diet for years already. He knows that all of us here in our family is worried about his health conditions that's why even though he did not show it, he always tries his best to look healthy and live healthily. But his eyes won't hide the real deal. We know that there's no Dad like him, so right now we've been taking good care of him. I just thank God for a supportive family and we know with all of us helping, our Papa will get through this! And yes, HE IS THE BEST PAPA! 

My big family with our parents. Taken last Christmas 2020

Just like PLDT Home's #NoDadLikeYou Series, select young Fathers give testimonies on what Fatherhood looks like. We can check the series on PLDT Home's official Youtube Channel. I hope children, mothers, or even struggling fathers can get lessons from these videos. 

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