Cebu Netizens Post Encouragement For Covid-19 Vaccines

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There was news weeks ago that Cebu as a whole breached the 1 Million mark of Vaccine doses. Personally, I was happy about it and got excited with my second dose. I know there is still fake news about the effects of vaccines but for me, I would like to believe the Scientists who made these vaccines than those Facebook Users who spread bad news about it. And to celebrate my fully vaccinated self, I am doing this special article for Cebu Netizens who proudly posted their  Covid-19 Vaccination to their Social Media Facebook. Good job guys! 

Fully Vaccinated Cebu Netizens

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Instagram: @TheMarkMonta
Twitter: @TheMarkMonta

Here are some posts that are simple yet can encourage anti-vaxers out there! (If you wish to be added to the list, please send your post to our official Facebook Page, Thank you!)

Reading this post made me so proud of Lotlot's parents! KUDOS!

I agree with Joe's post, "Get vaccinated before it’s too late. "

Travel Blogger, Sinjin Pineda encourages everyone to get vaccinated!

Good Job Siloy!

Edzel Nieves said in his FB Post, "The 2nd dose queued us for a whopping 3 hrs as compared to the previously 1, but very happy as more and more are ready to step up - sacrificing for the good of the many, the family, and the kids waiting for mama and papa to come home 😇 The vaccine may or may not give our generation some side effects, but we need to live today for us to conquer tomorrow. The benefit of living outways the risk of dying, period."

Bigseed (Cebu's Famous PR Firm) encourages everyone To herd immunity... and beyond!

These are Cebu Lawyers fighting Covid!

Our Snake Princess and gang, doing the right job!

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