I Attended BBM-SARA PressCon, But I Support ROSA!!!

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Lately, I've been so stressed with a lot of weights on my plate. Thinking of work, blog, friends, and now, this Politics thing! Our family members are NOT supporting one set of candidates - we have our own choices and for me, ROSA for the WIN! At least, I am now decided for this coming Philippine Election 2022! We need Mothers to partner with and support our beloved fatherland, the Philippines! That's what I strongly believe in!

Today, I attended a PressCon for BBM-SARA with Cebu Media and Blogger. I was with my Cebu Bloggers Society friends. They have their own choice of Candidates and I have mine. Our organization, CBS, is neutral when it comes to Politics and all members respect that. So earlier, the presscon was attended by Gov. Gilbert Remulla, head of the BBM Parallel Group. It was a fruitful conversation between Cebu Media and BBM-SARA Team, that's why I decided to choose ROBREDO-SARA! I won't discuss further how and why, but you can listen to the podcast I recorded during the presscon below.

Now, let's go back to why I decided to choose RoSa! In case you did not know, ROSA stands for Presidential Candidate, VP-Leni Robredo and Vice-Presidential Candidate, Sara Duterte. ROSA - RObrido and SAra! Why Them?

If you believe these strong ladies can lead our country into a prosperous development in the coming 6 years, feel free to follow our official Facebook Pages and let's engage!!!


RoSa Robredo Sara sa 2022 - Visayas

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