Why Should We Vote For ROSA For 2022 Philippine Election?

by - 3:06 AM

As a person, I've been a vocal VP-Leni Robredo supporter for Presidentiable bid and of course, to her VP Candidate Kiko Pangilinan, even on my social media. But did you know I also support Sara Duterte for the Vice-President position? There's no doubt that Kiko Pangilinan could do and support the future President of the Philippines but would it be amazing if the opposition can seat in the 2nd highest position in the country just to balance everything? And the fact that current President Rodrigo Duterte doesn't endorse Marcos means something, right?

So, why should we vote for Robredo-Sara for the 2022 Philippine Elections? Here are some points to ponder!

 you believe these strong ladies can lead our country into a prosperous development in the coming 6 years, feel free to follow our official Facebook Pages, and let's engage!!!


RoSa Robredo Sara sa 2022 - Visayas

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