Mott 32 Cebu Restaurant, A Personal Review

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Cebu is lucky, the sixth Mott 32 Restaurant had opened in the Queen City of the South - indeed, we are so lucky! Hong Kong's Award-Winning Mott 32 Restaurant in Cebu has been getting attention since its opening last year. It's not even overrated because personally, I can say I experienced the best elevated Chinese Cuisine Fine-Dinning in the heart of Cebu City - in Nustar Resort and Casino! 


LOCATION: The Strip, NUSTAR Resort and Casino, Kawit Island, South Road Properties, Cebu City, Philippines
Opening hours 5:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Inquiries +63 32 520 4468
Dress code: Smart casual


Experience Mott 32's exquisite Cantonese cuisine during lunchtime!
Starting February 11, 2023, we will be open for lunch and dinner on weekends.


When you set at the entrance or even in the hallway, you'll definitely flashback to your Hongkong days if you happened to travel to Hong Kong or China. Because of Mott 32 Cebu, I then learned about Joyce Wang. She's an award-winning designer who is the person behind Mott 32 interiors. The restaurant is very stunning and you won't see any missed from the ceiling down to the floor. Quoting esquire magazine, "The result is a stunning space that combines elements of a Chinese imperial palace with contemporary urban style.", that's how beautiful Mott 32 Cebu is. You can also enjoy the sea view while dining especially at dinner time as you'll witness the night sky and skyscrapers that Cebu beholds. 

I even mentioned to our Host that time, "Mott 32 Cebu reminds me of my Hotel and Restaurants hopping in Macau - elegant and so fine!"


Don't believe in someone who doesn't experience anything. For me, Mott 32 Cebu is not overrated. Every Chinese Dish served at our table were very good. Even when we are already full that time, the smell and fragrance of the food invited us to feast on them with open mouths. Now, let me show you some of the signature Chinese Dishes that Mott 32 Cebu can offer.


Barbecue Pluma Iberico Pork with Yellow Mountain Honey - This dish really melts in your mouth. It's a good starter before the main dishes or you may enjoy this with Mott 32's Hanami signature cocktail. 

Scallop, Prawn, Hot, and Sour Shanghainese Soup Dumplings - It should be enjoyed by poking a little hole in the dumpling and sipping gently the soup which has a little spice kick but is really really good. 

Soft Quail Egg, Iberico Pork, Black Truffle Siu Mai - One of my bets on Starter. Don't finish it in one bite but slowly enjoy the flavors of Siu Mai that Mott 32 Cebu is serving.


Apple Wood Roasted 42 Days Peking Duck "Signature Mott 32 Cut" - The Star of the meal is the famous Peking Duck. Imagine the flavor of the duck aged for 42 days and prepared in a special oven, giving the cooked duck glistening skin and soft meat, paired with their special sauce made of secret ingredients. HEAVEN!

This roasted Peking Duck is best served or enjoyed in two ways. First, simply pour a little sauce, and a little brown sugar into the meat and hit them directly to your taste buds. Second, wrap the meat or skin with veggies, brown sugar, and a special sauce. Eat it with your bare hands! Don't worry, as a world-class restaurant, the assigned waiter/waitress will give you a wet tissue/towel to use before and after enjoying the duck.

Signature Lobster "Ma Po Tofu". Another favorite! If you try to find photos of this dish online, you may wonder, "where's the lobster?" As considerate as Mott 32 Cebu, they prepared the Dish well that day so that it will be less hassle for us customers to enjoy the meal.

Crispy Triple Cooked US, Black Angus Short Rib 

Wok Fried Romaine Lettuce, Dried Shrimp, Minced Pork, Preserved Sausage

Wok Fried Glutinous Rice, Japanese Dried Shrimp, Crispy Taro, Preserved Sausage


Pomelo, Grapefruit and Honeycomb, Coconut Ice Cream

Lotus Seed Paste Puff, Red Bean Curd


One insider mentioned that all restaurants inside Nustar Resort serve good cocktails but Mott 32 Cebu is one of a kind. So, as a drinker myself, I want to try it by myself and promise, they never fail! Even my Blogger Friends, Neil Savellon ( and Sinjin Pineda ( agreed about it! Now, following NO ORDER, here are my top list of Signature Cocktails in Mott 32 Cebu!

Jade Road - Don Papa Rum, Pandan, Pineapple, Lemon, Celery Bitters

Forbidden Rose - Vanilla-infused Pisco, Passion Fruit, Lychee, Chili, Lemon

Nashi - Pear Brandy, Sake, Vodka, Thai Basil, Lemon

Hanami - Rye Whisky, Gin, Umeshu, Yuzu, Shiso, Ginger Beer, Chrysanthemum


I say this once again, everything is good! World-class Chinese Restaurant in a world-class Hotel, Nustar Resort, and Casino. I think Mott 32 Cebu has definitely found its home here in Cebu. In regards to food, when I visited and traveled to Hong Kong and Macau, my friends knew the "taste trauma" I had when we ordered a pecking duck soup somewhere on HK Street. I did not even finish that dish but here in Mott 32 Cebu, I think I was the one who swept the roasted pecking duck from our plates. 

In general, this is by far, the BEST Chinese fine-dining experience I ever had in my life.

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