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BAG-ONG TUIG, BAG-ONG KINABUHI!  CEBU! Yes, Oras na! it’s time for MAYA's NEW LIFE! NEW YOU! NEW US! HAPPY (new)YOU YEAR! Personally, I think a piece of paper or a digital note containing our New Year’s resolution is designed and expected to be broken. But don’t get me wrong because I still believe it’s a good start for our self-goals for the new year. But this year, I promised myself to be financially stable and be more mature in everything I do especially on money spending. I think it’s time to not just SPEND but INVEST and SAVE! And to spice this up, Travel Goals are still in my pocket! This year is all about ME, all about YOU! How can I spend and travel at the same time? Here’s my secret! (WINK)

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International Travels are “The GOALS” but I think our Local Destinations are as exciting as those international trips. And let’s not go far, I am talking about my beloved CEBU! This home province of mine can offer a lot – from destinations, beaches, food, culture, party places, and even people! We may not BEAT the Capital, but we are at par! Now, let me give you some hints on how to enjoy the Queen City of the South, Cebu City, and its neighboring Cities and municipalities!


Are you tired of the overhyped Cebu destinations that surely don’t give you the satisfaction of what Cebu can offer? Now, as the Founder of the Cebu Bloggers Society, the prime Blogging Organization in Cebu, let me share with you my avid friends and readers how to enjoy Cebu even in just a day's stay!

Sinulog Festival 2024

 1. Sinulog Festival and City Tour

Cebu has just recently concluded the mother of all Festivals in the Philippines, the Sinulog Festival. It was a blast, and several Foreigners and Tourists came to a Sinulog weekend to celebrate the fiesta of Sr. Sto. Nino.  During this festivity, you can also visit on a walking tour, the iconic Minor Basilica of the Holy Child of Cebu, Magellan’s Cross, Fort San Pedro, Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, Casa Gorordo Museum, Yap-San Diego Ancestral House, Heritage of Cebu Monument, Cebu Provincial Museum, Jesuit House Museum, Plaza Independencia and many more!

2. Exploring Northwest of Cebu

When in Cebu, Tourists love to visit the Southern part of the island such as Oslob for Whale Shark watching, Lambug Beach of Badian, or nice beaches in Moalboal. Sometimes, we love chasing waterfalls at Dao or Tumalog Falls and most of the time at Kawasan Falls. Or a direct trip to Bantayan Island of the North. But less do we know that there are a lot of attractions in the Northwestern part of Cebu. You can do this in a day, even on a commute! 

 3. Carnaza Island, another CEBU Gem!

Situated in the northern tip of Cebu, Carnaza Island is another "Visayan Gem" less traveled. This turtle-shaped island deserves our attention, especially this Summer. But if you wish to visit the most-anticipated destinations in Northern Cebu, you can visit Bantayan Island or Malapascua as your option!

4. A Trek To Historic Peak, Mt. Manunggal!

But if you are an Adrenaline junkie, let's gran those camping gear and let's go trekking to Mt. Manunggal! Remember our 7th President of the Philippines, Ramon Magsaysay? He was on board a Douglas C-47 plane named "Mt. Pinatubo" and reportedly crashed at the peak of Mount Manunggal together with other 24 passengers. That's why it is historic for the country! Another option is Bocaue Treak.

5. Canyoneering

Cebu is known as one of the best Canyoning or Canyoneering spots in the Philippines. Thanks to our beautiful Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu, our Canyoneering is one for the books! This extreme water activity offers a good experience with the famous Kawasan Falls and at the same time gives opportunities and businesses to the locals! SIDE NOTE: Make sure to visit Car-Car Cebu Market to grab some Cebu lechon before hitting the road to southern Cebu for your Canyoneering activity!

Barrio Lounge and Bar Cebu

6. Club Hopping!

According to Tripzilla, Cebu City is in its top 5 Cities and nightlife is designed for partygoers! “Cebu is also a lively hub to experience nightlife in the Philippines. As the second largest city in the Philippines, it abounds in energetic nightclubs, cocktail lounges, karaoke bars, and more.” As they described it. Now, let me give you a list of updated Party Destinations when in Cebu!

1.     Barrio Bar and Lounge, Rahman St. Zapatera, Cebu City
2.       The Tavern, Rahman St. Zapatera, Cebu City
3.       CORE, One Paseo, Banilad Cebu City
4.       Agwa Club, Waterfront Cebu City
5.       The Distillery Cebu, Crossroads Cebu City
6.       Trade Mark, 88th Avenue, Cebu City
7.       F Cafe and Bar, 88th Avenue, Cebu City
8.       10/10 (ten over ten), 88th Avenue, Cebu City
9.       Club Icon
10.   APEX Super Club, City Timesquare, Mandaue City
11.   Sentral Cebu, Norkis, Mandaue City
       Tipsy Bar, Highway, Mandaue City


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