Too Much Exclamation Points, Exciting UnliFlights By MAYA Made Me Do It!

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Eating stinky TOFU and street foods in Taiwan, being a child again in Hongkong Disneyland, and visiting the iconic Merlion in Singapore are just a few of those exciting activities I will surely do when I win the Maya UNFIFlights Promo! Imagine, you are spending your daily needs using a MAYA Card then chadaaaaaa you’ll have a chance among 5 winners to fly to your favorite destination, UNLIMITED!!!!

MAYA's HAPPY YOU YEAR can send you to dream countries for free! SIGN UP NOW!
MAYA's HAPPY YOU YEAR can send you to dream countries for free! SIGN UP NOW!

Maya’s Unli Flight for a year with cooperation with Cebu Pacific Air, is one of the three benefits when we use MAYA in our daily lives. Before I load you with amazing information about the Unli Flight promo, here are the benefits we can savor once we use Maya every day!!!!!

1. Unlock exclusive perks and rewards.

Get up to 14% interest p.a. on your Savings when you use Maya to pay.

Plus, enjoy these exclusive perks for new users:

•          Free Cash In via InstaPay

•          Free InstaPay Transfers

•          Free Insurance

          ₱50 referral reward


Global, personalized, and absolutely free when you open a Maya Savings account, deposit, and spend ₱250. Plus get guaranteed +1% cashback on all Maya card international transactions starting January 15, 2023.

Use Maya Credit to top up your card. And when you travel abroad, you can use the MAYA Card for international purchases, etc!!!!

3. Win UNLI Flights for 1 Year

Just use Maya to save, spend, invest, and borrow to earn raffle entries for a chance to be 1 of 4 winners of UNLI flights for the whole year to:


• Cebu

• Davao

• Bacolod

• Iloilo

• Cagayan De Oro

• Dumaguete

• Roxas

• Zamboanga

• Manila


• Ho Chi Minh

• Kuala Lumpur

• Hong Kong

• Singapore

• Taipei

• Fukuoka

• Kota Kinabalu

• Brunei

• Macau

• Jakarta

Now, let’s talk about the UNLI FLIGHTS and how to win it? Here’s our game plan, make sure you save and read this well as this will surely help us on our UNLI FLIGHT goals!!! Take note of these THREE STEPS!!!

1. The promo period is from January 1 – February 29, 2024. So, make sure we use MAYA in all our essential expenses or even in our wants. A big chance of winning also if we use MAYA to purchase online tickets in CEBU PACIFIC AIR.

2.  This promo is open to all upgraded Maya users who will use Maya during the promo period. So, make sure your account is upgraded, coz mine is done! (WINK)

3.  We can do any qualified transactions as defined by MAYA. You can check here for the list. But since this is our game plan, I'll share a secret. Keep referring MAYA to a friend and you'll get at least 10 raffle entries and have a big chance of winning the UNLI FLIGHTS!!!!!!! Sorry, it was a lot of exclamation – someone is excited!!!!

Okay, the plan is set. Next are the itinerary and the destinations!!! As a travel lover, let me hint to you about my travel goals when I get the UNLI FLIGHT Prize!

Fly To Hongkong For Free with Maya
Fly To Hongkong For Free with Maya


Of course, it’s my first on the list because it’s VISA-Free! I mean, let’s start from here and plan the shopping spree. Aside from that, I will surely prepare the “inner child” version of me as I will surely visit for the third time the happiest place on earth, Hong Kong Disneyland. I want to chill in their Victoria Harbor sipping local-made coffee while sightseeing or just simply enjoy the afternoon with a lot of tourists passing by. Or maybe spend a day in Ngong Ping with the huge Buddha and ride a clear glass cable car? Oh, I have a lot on my mind right now!

Fly To Macau For Free with Maya
Fly To Macau For Free with Maya


When we plan to visit Hong Kong, never… again, never miss reserving a day to visit Macau! It’s a 40-minute to 1-hour bus ride from mainland HK to Macau. Another shopping spree plan but of course, let’s visit some of their tourist spots such as the famous Ruins of St. Paul, St. Dominic Church, picture taking outside Grand Lisboa Palace and Fisherman's Wharf,  and a cable car ride in Wynn Palace! These are just a few of the things we can experience in Macau.

Fly To Singapore For Free with Maya
Fly To Singapore For Free with Maya


What else should be the next in line? Another VISA-Free country, Singapore! Too much of this Singapore-like Cebu City, let us go to the real deal, and let’s see if we can still say the same. First on my list is Universal Studios Singapore, then visit the iconic Merlion and then eat and chill or even shop in Marina Bay Sands. This is it, my friends!!!! I am getting hyped!!!

Fly To Taiwan For Free with Maya
Fly To Taiwan For Free with Maya


Just before July 31, 2024, we will visit Taiwan, another visa-free country!!! Taiwan has announced a one-year extension of Visa-free entry from 2023 to 2024, so guys, use MAYA as early as now, and let’s go to Taiwan! This country is underrated, and it cannot be experienced in just a week. So, our plan here is to quickly visit the places and do the things that Taiwan can offer. Such as riding a Maokong Gondola and visiting the Taipei Zoo, picture-taking at the famous Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, or going farther and enjoying some seafood in the supermarket before heading to Yehliu Geopark, how about remembering the 2001 film Spirited Away and visit Jiu fen, an enchanted city overlooking the sea? Stinky Tofu is available here!!!!! 

Fly To Japan For Free with Maya


Last but not the least is Fukuoka, Japan! I’ve been to Japan twice already with my goal of experiencing their four seasons. I am done with their Autumn and Winter seasons, thus when I win this UNLI FLIGHTS by Maya, I will surely come back to Japan and experience the Sakura Season in Fukuoka! The cherry blossom season in Fukuoka is one of the destination days of the Tourists as the city gives beautiful spots on how to enjoy these famous flowers. I am planning to go to Fukuoka Castle, the Uminonakamichi Seaside Park, and Nishi Park while enjoying my matcha-flavored drinks or matcha ice cream. OMG HEAVEN!!!!!

Now, I have already given you what to do and basically, itineraries on your next UNLI FLIGHTS destinations by Maya. Unsa pay gihuwat? Gamit na sa imong Maya App and Card for more chances of winning!!!! Btw, did you count how many exclamation marks in this blog? PM ME!

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