PLDT Home mas gipadali ang serbisyo sa kustomer!

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PLDT makes customer calls easier with Cebuano language option
PLDT Home mas gipadali ang serbisyo sa kustomer pinaagi sa bag-ong Cebuano language hotline option

PLDT Home enhances its customer service portfolio as it expands its 171 hotline with Cebuano language support. Starting this month, the Cebuano language option will be available for callers on 171, making connections easier and personalized for Cebuano-speaking callers.

“We want to connect better with our customers by improving our customer care channels. Localizing our hotline for Cebuano speakers is a significant step in that direction,” said Jeremiah de la Cruz, PLDT Senior Vice President and Head of Consumer Business-Home.  

The new 171 hotline experience begins with a welcome message, both in English and Cebuano. If the call comes from the Cebu area code (032), callers will first hear a greeting in Cebuano, followed by an English option. Customers who select Cebuano as their preferred language will be connected to a Cebuano-speaking agent. This ensures that every customer can communicate in the language they are most comfortable with, enhancing their call experience. 

With the addition of the Cebuano language option, PLDT Home is making customer interactions more personal. Customers can now communicate their concerns in Cebuano, ensuring they are understood and assisted promptly by Cebuano-speaking agents, whether for service inquiries, technical support, and other after-sales concerns.

This initiative aligns with PLDT's commitment to providing accessible and reliable customer service, a key part of its broader goal to elevate the overall customer experience. This year, PLDT Home has introduced several customer service enhancements, including digital chatbots, proactive customer updates, and improved installation and repair services.
“We plan to add more dialects in the future and continue innovating our customer care channels,” dela Cruz added. 

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