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January 8, 2011 – Cebu Philippines, Cebu’s Top Travel and Tour Agency – iTravel, iExplore Tours & Services, which provides services to all backpackers and travellers from all over Cebu, celebrated its first year anniversary at its office, Pacific Square Building, Mabolo, Cebu City. The affair was simple but yet memorable for it was completed with the appearances of the close friends of the owners and some important guests who contributed a lot in the success of the company.

About iTravel, iExplore

The company started last January 8, 2010 when Juliet Amazona and Venice Juera partnered and started to talk of doing a travel agency on September 2009. (more of the company info HERE)

It is everybody’s dream of having a job that showcases one’s talent , fulfils one’s wants and needs and most of all, a work that distress you from the stressful world outside. “The reason why we invested ourselves to do a business it’s because we think that we have the talent, skills and passion in business and travelling. So it’s basically doing a business with fun like travelling. It’s leading ourselves in doing for our needs in life and wants as well”, added Juliet Amazona, Sales and Marketing Manager.

This agency is run by Amazonas. On the operations, we have Venice Juera as the Operations Manager, who handles the operations of the travel agency – involves more on ticketing and reservations. While Juliet Amazona, Sales and Marketing Manager who handles all client meetings, exhibits and seminars here in Cebu or even outside Cebu.

in the Photo: Right, Ruben Licera of RL Communications and Left, Agnes Jimenez, CBSi

Other Guests during the affair

Let us all iTravel Cebu and iExplore the beauty behind the island. More power to iTravel, iExplore Tours & Services.

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