Alter Space, First Filipino Environmental Awareness Facebook Game

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Why is there a buzz regarding 2012 as the last year of men - end of the world? Simply because they want us to be aware that if we would not save our environment or our Mother Earth, then it would really be the end of the world!

Lots and lots of awareness and steps were initialized but some of which are never realized. But this time, through the help of the number one social network site or the 3rd Largest Country in terms of Population (Users), Facebook, Aboitiz Power was able to develop the first ever Filipino Environmental Awareness Game which we called Alter Space.

Alter Space Logo by AboitizPower

Its mission is by offering Better Solutions through business & community initiatives, they aim to create A Better Future for generations of Filipinos.

So how can this game help the environment? Very simple, when we are playing the game it makes us realized how to lessen carbon footprints and we can practice what we had played in the game to our real life.

About Alter Space:

Alter space is the first Filipino environmental awareness game on Facebook.

Your second chance at building a new world, a new life. Only this time, be mindful of the choices you make because every small choice you make creates a bigger impact in your planet. Your only mission here is to stay happy while keeping your carbon emissions low. So you can live safe from disasters, in your brand new planet.

To complete the game, you’ll have to build a network with your friends' planets so you can eventually turn the grid greener with responsible, sustainable and renewable power.

Screenshot of Alter Space Game

About AboitizPower:

AboitizPower is a company that develops and offers effective energy solutions to meet the Philippines’ energy demand and build commitment to sustain Earth’s resources.

What are you waiting for, go Online and click ALTER SPACE game now!

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