Mike Rafael Photography, A Digicam User

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FC (FaceCebu) author turns 24 today and a treat was given by a unique Photographer, no other than a Cebu known Fotog who uses Digicam in his photography - Mike Rafael. What made everyone excites and so eager to have a shoot session with him is the quality of his output, a real work of art.

Here are some examples he made:

First off, the FaceCebu.net Author

Then we have, Khaye Lenz Oba, a CDU MODEL:

Next on the Spotlight is Mark Joseph Andujar, a MAC MODEL:

And for the public, we have the Ukay-Ukay show:

Next is the one of a kind and outstanding Street Photography:

And now, A Cosplay try:


Lastly, his trademark in his photography - the reflection effect. Presenting to you our very own Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral.

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  1. Never thought of this on Mark...Salamat and Happy Birthday...


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