CBSi Turns 3: Members' Speak

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After the founder of Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. spoke his side, this time, some of the Organization's members expressed their thoughts in regards to CBSi 3rd Year Anniversary.

CBSi 3rd Year Anniversary Online Poster

Aimee Segun - "These guys are cool. They’re friends. Good ones actually. And I’m so glad because, even though I’m not around every time, they always make me feel that I belong. It’s something that I treasure. A lot."

Xerxes Bernales - "I would like to congratulate Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. (CBSi) for its 3rd year anniversary! Looking back, this group just started from a very small number of vibrant, young bloggers of Cebu. Now, it has grown in bigger number! I would like to say that I’m proud to be part of this blogging group in Cebu. Well, it’s not only a blogging group, it’s a SEC registered corporation (yeah, that’s how far we are!)."

Ken Rodriguez Taarup - "If the Greeks had “the face that could launch a thousand ships”, at Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. (CBSi), we have great minds and hearts that could change a thousand lives."

Jaysee Pingkian - "So much had happened with my stay in CBSi and I haven’t turned a year with them yet. That gives me so much things to look forward to as the most organized blogging institution in the country is about to turn three years old"

Bjornson Bernales - "The members of Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. may have different personalities and have been blogging different niches, but they come as one when there is the force that leads them to a common road."

Doc Buboy Tapia - "And I noticed that CBS members are not some computer nerds who only know about internet and computer stuff blogging about the beauty of Cebu, but they are productive citizens with substance -- leaders, achievers with various interests and talents who promote noble advocacies. They are individuals who also reach out to others giving whatever they can... to share to the needy -- outreach to fire victims, book donation, teaching computer literacy, bringing Christmas cheer."

Mikyu Maglasang - " When I became an official member a half year later (2 months after their 1st anniversary), I didn’t know what was in it for me. Then it turned out that it’s this group that posted a big detour sign right where I was supposedly headed. My life took an unexpected turn"

Milafel Hope Awe-Dacanay - "Exactly on February 14, three years ago, while the rest of the world coupled and celebrated the day of love, Cebu Bloggers Society was born. Pioneered by a small group of individuals who shared the passion for blogging, it has grown to be one of the most formidable organizations when it comes to online media."

Mark Razonable - "I saw the wonderful camaraderie inside the CBSi's circle of friendship. Before I became a member, CBSi members treated me like one. Now that I am now an official member, the friendship became tighter."

Blaire Arciete - "CBS, the pioneering community for cebuano bloggers now on its 3rd year and still standing strong. It still stand to its aim to promote Cebu heritage, blogged anything on what it has to offer to the world and with a strong bond of dedicated and innovative Cebuano bloggers that shared an aim for Cebu"

Zyra Arciete - "One thing we should be proud of is that we grew not just solely bloggers but we learned to acknowledge the importance of the community to make our society getting better and bigger. We made better judgement and choices and that helped the group to move on and go on from issues and negativity faced from previous year."

Jason Buhia - "Three years — that’s how far the Cebu Bloggers Society has gone. And it will go even further."

Geezelle Tapangan - "I am very happy to be a part of energetic and intellectual people. Though I am still new in the group I have make some friends already and I am looking forward to meet everyone and to celebrate more anniversaries to come."

Ruben Licera - "Not only has it changed the Philippine’s blogging scene by being, perhaps, the first SEC-registered blogging group with more than a hundred strong members promoting Cebu through blogs, it also continues to play its social development role by initializing efforts to educate Cebu (and the world) about the power of blogging for business and social change."

To all my Family in CBSi, kudos for a great year!

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