Mr. Lapu-Lapu 2011 Molds Modern Hero

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More than beauty, body and brain - A unique Male pageant is cooked for tourism, environment awareness and a Hero discovery.

Together with other Cebu Bloggers, (FC) author was invited to join the Press Conference of Mr. Lapu-Lapu 2011 last March 15, 2011. We expected a complete number of finalists but due to some educational committments, eleven Mr. Lapu-Lapu hopefuls came and interacted with the members of the Press.

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The event started with the introduction of these eleven Men who actually represent different barangays of Lapu-Lapu City. Followed which is the Welcome Speech of Honorable Queenie Amman, Lapu-Lapu City Councilor, who happens to be the mother of my favorite Ms. Cebu 2011 candidate - Vanessa Amman. While the Entertainment Press started to stone questions to the organizers and pageant's finalists, I was able to exclusively talk to the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Federation of Lapu-lapu represented by Jendyll Abing, Executive Secretary. FC asked him if there is a chance for the Mr. Lapu-Lapu winner to star as real Lapu-Lapu in the yearly Reenactment of the Battle Sa Mactan. But as what FC anticipated, as a yearly tradition, Celebrities from Manila will take over the role either Lapu-Lapu or Magellan but what the good thing is, all the winners of this pageant will get a chance as part of the Casts of the said play. SK helps in promoting the advocacies of the event to their direct constituents, the youth. Looking forward, Abing confirmed that next year the said pageant will strictly implement a rule that finalists must come from different Lapu-Lapu City Barangays.

Pageant and Awards Night is set on April 16, 2011 at 8:00 PM in Hoops Dome, Gun-ob,Lapu-Lapu City. Tickets are available at Philipp Tampus Atelier and Eyeronick Studio at prices 50/100/200/500 PHP.

Here are the complete list and finalists of the ever famous Mr. Lapu-Lapu 2011.

You can vote your favorite finalist at

My personal kudos to the event's director and head of Style Firm, Mr. Dexter Alazas. Since FC is so curious who will be the Judges of this grandiose pageant, he was able to tap Mr. Alazas and guess what, Judges are grandiose as the pageant is. Mr. Alazas spilled that there will an International MOdel, a green advocate, Tourism Head and Fashion Editor to join the panel. FC will support this event all the way!

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  1. just a thought:
    if i am the MAYOR of LAPULAPU City or part of the ORGANIZING Committee i would suggest that ... to hold this kind of contest it should fit to the image of LAPULAPU himself, not a boyest, gayest looking LAPULAPU... A Mr LAPU-LAPU should be a MAN full of big Muscles with BROAD FACE, not s SKIMPY/SLIM/ Tall-dark-and handsome looking guy or boy.

    It should something Like Beauty and Brains kind of Body Building Compition and its open only/exclusively for those residing in LAPU-LAPU.

  2. I couldn't disagree to that. You got a point sir.


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