Technologians of the Year (TOTY) MMXI takes off

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March 12, 2011 - Cebu Institute of Technology University, through the effort of CIT University Supreme Student Government, held the awards night of Technologians of the Year 2011 last Saturday. The event was attended by almost 30 to 50 finalists from different categories. True to its core value of passion for excellence, Cebu Institute of Technology - University takes pride of so many excellent and outstanding talents of different genres. This is an event that will recognize the efforts and various expertise of students who excelled in various fields.

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SSG President, Ronnell L. Padillo, opened the program with his Welcome Remarks.The night was serenaded by our very own Violinist Shelby Puerto of the College of Computer Studies. At the end, our funny Jovel Clark closed the program with inspirations and fun.

And the wait is over, here are the winners of the first Technologians of the Year MMXI:

TOTY Winners took center stage Photoshoot

Debate and Public Speaking (debaters, orators, declaimers and speakers)
Jean Jacques Estola

Music (singers, band members and compose)
Johnley Bayking

Service (non-academic scholars (NAS) and students currently having part-time work)
Liezel Culanag

Volunteer Work (church, government and community volunteers (except SSG))
Grace May Quimno Cabana

Writing & Journalism (bloggers, writers and press members)
Deutche Atil Mark Monta

Graphic Arts & Design ( Designers and creative artists)
Allan Partosa

Pageants & Titles (male and female title holders or beauty pageant winners and finalists)
Arleen Acha

Dance & Performing Arts (dancers, actors and thespians)
Kenneth Parantar Casero

Student Leadership (Student Organization officers (except SSG))
Paul Fitzgerald DeGuzman Villarino

Student Org Project (projects, programs, activities of student organizations (except SSG) in S.Y. 2010-2011)
GXP (Greener Christmas Project of the IE Council)

Kudos to the organizers headed by Mr. Jovel Clark Contratista and to the finalists and winners, Congratulations!

Photo Credit: Faith Tampus

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