Mutya Sa Sugbo 2011 Official Candidates

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Who do you think will emerged as Winners for the first Mutya Sa Sugbo 2011?

Sepia Events and Productions Philippines will stage the first MUTYA SA SUGBO 2011 this July 28, 2011 at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel. This pageant is participated by 18 lovely candidates who proudly hail from different parts of the island of Cebu.

Its mission is to provide opportunities of a lifetime for Cebuanas to challenge them to expand their horizons while providing a means of giving back to their commitments to their respective communities.

The pageant also seeks to showcase the positive qualities and virtues of Cebuanos. The pageant envisions to create role models out of its young and active participants. Far from being just an ordinary beauty pageant, MUTYA SA SUGBO 2011 is about promoting Cebuano cultural awareness and to bring out the best of Cebu for the entire world to appreciate.

The Finalists entail a great deal of responsibilities to be a role model to the youth. They have to be strong enough to stand and carry the banner of MUTYA SA SUGBO 2011 and pursue the vision and mission of SEPIA Events and Productions. The organizers have designed a series of socio-cultural involvement programs, tourism magnetism, workshop enhancement skills, social responsibilities awareness and environmental-concern activities.

As part of this pageant, MUTYA SA SUGBO 2011 will also play a role in uplifting the lives of the less fortunate. Part of the program proceeds will be for our financial aid to our chosen beneficiary, Catholic-run charitable institution, The Holy Spirit of Freedom Community “HSFC” of Guadalupe, Cebu City on their Abandoned Street Kids Rescue and Outreach monthly feeding program.

Some of the companies and people who have already committed to this event are Ayala Malls Cebu, Three Sixty Pharmacy, Harolds Hotel, Holiday Gym and Spa, Manny O Wines, Diamond Club Poker, BlueBerry Yogurt, Crema Cakes and Pastries, Trans-Asia Shipping Lines, International Pharmaceuticals Incorporated, Casa Verde, New Zealand Plastic, Gaisano Interpace, Ciudad, Cotton Seed, ABN Dreamworks, Solaris Car Shop, Studio 125, Orient Sun Transport, Psalmstre Enterprises, Marvin Llanos-Photography and Jessie Glova.

Here are the official list of Candidates for the first ever Mutya Sa Sugbo 2011

#1 - Alicezandra Ann Sommerauer

#2 - Edzel Peggy

#3 - Rosemarie Villacora Abapo

#4 - Kristine Joyce Alilin

#5 - Valiree Janne Vidal

#6 - Diane Joy Espinosa

#7 - Sandy Marie Chua

#8 - Janine Calibara

#9 - Mon Theress Menaling

#10 - Armejoice Bael

#11 - Daisy Rell Lopez

#12 - Amanda McCoy

#13 - Joanne Bonnety

#14 - Guadda Mika Abinoja

#15 - Krystal Lyssa Pelomiana

#16 - Lawrence Casas

#17 - Samantha Dela Peña

You may visit our Official Facebook Fanpage by simply keying-in MUTYA SA SUGBO 2011 for more details.

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