Orange Brutus Adds Rice Bowl To Menu List, Highlights Shakes For Summer

by - 1:23 PM

You are Cebuano if you know Orange Brutus, if you know Orange Brutus then what comes up in your mind is their famous sizzling steaks but this time, Orange Brutus has something big yet affordable offering to all Cebuanos out there. Orange Brutus introduces Rice Bowl to its Meal Line that is sure to be a hit and soon be your new favorite together with other meals in the menu.

As Cebuanos, we are known to our rice eaten with a corresponding meal on top of it so to cater to this fond eating habit, Orange Brutus introduces its Rice Bowl Meals which come on three variants: Beef Stew, Asian Chicken and Pork Adobo. Orange Brutus Rice Bowl is available on May 1 in just Php 55.00

Whether your preference is beef, chicken or pork, Orange Brutus has all three on their menu list so you get to enjoy any of these delicious meals anytime of the day.

Aside from this newly added meals, Orange Brutus highlights their famous Fruit Shakes for this HOT SUMMER.  Beat the Summer heat, cool down with Orange Brutus Shakes which are available in Mango, Orange, Ube, Buko and Chocolate. Just a personal note, FaceCebu suggests Mango and Buko Shakes, very refreshing!!

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