What This Boy Did To The Sea Is Not Environment Friendly

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Cebu is famous on it's culture, treasures, people's hospitality and most of all, the white sand of it's beaches. But lately, a Social Media post captured everybody's attention when a boy threw some trashes to the sea of Basdaku Beach Resort, a famous public beach in Moalboal, southern part of Cebu. Alex Banaag and his team (friends) came to Moalboal for a get together but that awesome weekend was polluted. Based on the his Facebook post, the boy stopped throwing his second basket full of garbages ( biodegradable and plastics ) when a lady approached him but what surprised them was when the Kid's "boss" took over and dumped those garbages to the sea.

Look at this kid with a basket of stuff, heading to the sea. What are inside that basket?

And there! Trashes in the sea!! What a shame!!!

Taking a look at what he had done. Maybe he has conscience and will pick them back to his basket?

Oh, he just left them! What a shame!!!

Now, here's your beautiful Basdaku Beach Resort!!!!
Garbages everywhere! Tsk2x!!!

Oh, wait, Is he coming back? Another basket of garbages?

Oh my, lookie! What happen to this kid? I think he was just asked to do it but wait, he should not, right?

Look at this!

Here's the full script of the Facebook post/status.

" Bas Dako Garbage Disposal.. What was supposedly a perfect weekend getaway was spoiled by this scenario. We were swimming near the shore when this kid threw garbage a few feet from where we were. After seeing the wastes dumped into the beach line, we immediately ran away to avoid getting "contaminated".
A lady seated a few meters from us approached the boy when he was about to throw a 2nd basket full of trash and whatever she said to him prompted him to stop. He went back and told his boss about it and his boss surprisingly took over and dumped 2 more. The kid followed and dumped even more!!!
Calling all government officials... Please put a stop to this. Jail the culprits!"

Beautiful and white sand of Basdaku Beach Resort in Moalboal Cebu. Photo by dms27.com

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Now, do we need to wait for our Seas and Beaches go dirty and ugly? Aside from these natural wonders give Locals opportunities and jobs, they are also signs of how wonderful and beautiful our place is. And we know that our government will just wait for this social media post to trend and be showed on Television before taking actions, we, the locals and concerned Citizens should do something in stopping this. Yes, We agree to Alex's post, "please put a stop to this, jail the culprits!"

Photo Credit by Alex Banaag.

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