What is Canyoneering or Canyoning? Experience it in Badian Cebu!

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Per Wikipedia, "Canyoning is the sport of exploring a canyon by engaging in such activities as rappelling, rafting, and waterfall jumping." It is famously known as Canyoneering in the US. And if you don't know yet, it is also famous here in Cebu, especially in Badian. This celebrated municipality in the province of Southern Cebu owns the water treasures we call Kawasan Falls and Matutinao River. Specifically located at Barangay Matutinao, we started the downstream canyoneering at the Matutinao River. But first, we suited up - for safety, we wore helmet, life vest and trekking/Aqua shoes!

This clear water of Matutinao River does not fail your expectation

Of course, we all look good during the Downstream Canyoneering!!!!

This kind of extreme water adventure in Badian Cebu does not just create money for the locals but it promotes Tourism. There are two kinds of Canyoneering, we can do it downstream or upstream. Upstream Canyoneering starts at Kawasan Falls in which your Guide will bring ropes and other gadgets in order to climb up to the waterfalls and this upstream activity will end at some part of Matutinao River. On the other hand, during last weekend's activity we tried the downstream version. We started with a jump at Matutinao River. Good thing about Canyoneering is that your guide will advice where and how to jump off the falls. Basically, they will perform it first before the adventurers. Even if this is one of the most nerve-wracking activities we had so far, we still managed to conquer our fear of heights. Once you are done with the first jump, there's no way you'll be turning back as the adventure and excitement will level up!

You're wondering how does the current look like? Check this out!

And here we are, starting the river trekking!

Canyoneering won't be complete without swimming and enjoying this clear water of Matutinao River

And yeah, we conquered that dangerous big rocks while on our way to our next jump off waterfalls

Here are some tips we can give:
1. Always follow what your Guides say and advice. (At all times)
2. Do not complain, Safety First! Wear your helmet, life vest/life jacket and trekking shoes properly.
3. Drink a lot of water, 30 minutes before the main event. You won't be minding or thinking of thirst in the midst of this activity. Trust me!
4. Slippery when wet is true! Indeed, always be careful on your footing.
5. We recommend to start early as 8 or 9 am, so that you'll happily end the adventure before or during lunch.
6. Put your trash inside your dry bag. We advise to bring dry bag for your phones, gadgets and other stuff.
7. Wear comfortable clothes. ( Nobody wants a trekking with coat and tie or a gown/dress on! Wear shorts and tees instead )

Lookie! Nature at its best!!

This adventure won't be an adventure if we don't play with currents!

Canyoneering Contact Details:

Look for Albert via mobile - 09359254769
** Sir Albet’s canyoneering package includes aqua shoes, life vest, snacks, entrance fees, transportation to and from the site (Habal-habal).

Check his Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/albert.aspacio

You can try Freelance Guides:

Choy Daruca at 0910-2359786
Halourd at 0933-6292925

And of course, here are some FaceCebu.Net Blogger's Solo pics!

So how to get to Badian Cebu? If you're coming from outside Cebu, see below steps:
1. From Mactan International Airport, take a cab going to South Bus Terminal
2. Take a bus with label "Bato via Barili" - Aircon or Non-Aircon - This Bus will leave every hour starting at 4 am until 12 midnight. Travel from Cebu City to Badian will take 2-3 hours.
3. Tell the Driver for your drop off, Brgy. Matutinao, Badian
4. Then contact your Canyoneering Guide.

Now, check this Compilation Video during last weekend's Canyoneering Downstream in Badian Cebu!

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  1. how much did you pay for canyoneering?

    1. Hi Kei, Please check this article for details..


  2. Thanks for this, this is just so nice. Canyoneering is indeed perfect and the best time would be net year so we're planning to do that after Sinulog.


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