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Lately, Canyoning or locally known as Canyoneering became a Tourist attraction in the beautiful towns of Alegria and Badian. In line with it's fame as an extreme "Water Activity", Local Operators or Guides took this opportunity without even considering the harm and safety of their Guests or Tourists. Last weekend, Twelve Cebu Bloggers Society Members were invited by iCanyoneering Cebu in partnership with Kawasan Nature park Multi-purpose Cooperative to experience and travel the beautiful Canyons of Alegria and Badian.

Twelve Cebu Bloggers Society Members during their mini-break

So, why and how to choose a safe Canyoneering? Let’s first discuss the “why?”. In Badian, there's no specific rule from the Local Government Unit that guides the operators, guests, or tourists in relation to this activity, Canyoneering. Even the standardization or regularization of Fees are not being well observed by the Operators. While others give the package as PHP 800-900, some asks for PHP 1,300-1,500. Not to mention, other Guides would take a number of Guests (10-15) without even asking for a signed waiver. According to iCanyoneering Cebu, a standard ratio of Guide to Guests is 1:5, thus if you are in a group of 10, there should be at least Two Guides that will accompany you in the activity. In addition, before the event, the Guests should be oriented with the activity’s safety precautions, what and what-not to Dos. During the event, one must always follow what your Operator or Guides request you to do. Do not complain, always follow, remember that they know the area or canyons better than you do.

Now, how to choose a safe Canyoneering? Well, I tell you, this is not a bias recommendation, as the FaceCebu Author, Mark Monta have already experienced Canyoneering twice and his first was good but we commend to contact below Operators for a better and Safe Canyoneering Experience.

For #‎iCanyoneeringCebu‬ :
Mobile number 09176546065
FB Page: iCanyon Cebu Canyoneering Group
Email address: or
Look for Chevy or Junjun.

For ‪#‎KawasanCoop‬:
Mobile Num: 0927-582-1183 and look for Sir Isauro Belarmino

Rates: ₱1,500/head for a group of 4-5 and  ₱1,000/head for 6 and above  ( ** ₱1,300/head for no Meals)
Inclusions: Use of helmet, life vest, tour and entrance fees, guides, and set meal
CBS Members with iCanyoneering Cebu and Kawasan Coop Operators

Photos credit to Yang Guardiana, Ly Patromo, Glyth Villamor Lamprea, Dayday Couple and Guada Cuizon
Article Edited by Rhina Mahinay

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