VIDEO : Shabu User Films Himself While Doing Session

by - 6:28 AM

Earlier today, a video went viral in Social Media and it is not the "Entertainment-kind" of trending video - This is not good, bad influence to everybody and to the community. In this shot, a certain lad is filming himself while using an illegal drug which is commonly called "Shabu". And he looks so proud of himself. It was uploaded in Facebook by a certain user named Dolphy Quizon who is obviously not the late Actor and Comedy King Dolphy. It seems that Facebook Account was intentionally created just to upload the said video. 

The account was created 11 hrs ago (as of this writing)
This fake Facebook Account (uploader) set his location in Cebu City.

If you wish to view it, make sure there is no youngsters around or better yet, report it to Facebook.

FaceCebu Blogger tried to get details by asking the person behind the Fake Facebook account and until now, we receive no feedback.

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