Mini Palawan Of Cebu, Bojo River of Aloguinsan

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Dubbed as "Mini Palawan of Cebu", Bojo River is the most visited tourist spot in the municipality of Aloguinsan. Situated in Midwest of Cebu, Bojo River is operated by Bojo Aloguinsan Eco-Tourism Association (BAETAS) who emerged as the winner of last year's Tourism InSPIRE Award for Best Community-based Tourism Initiative by Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA). Together with other Travel and Style Bloggers of Cebu Bloggers Society, FaceCebu Author spent the weekend in this eco-friendly town in just less than 1,000 Pesos expense (each).

Bojo River Boardwalk. Photo by FaceCebu.Net

So why is it called Mini Palawan of Cebu? I asked some CBS Bloggers who experienced the River Cruise in Bojo and these are some amazing comments:

CBS Bloggers in Bojo River. Photo by
CBS Bloggers in the entrance going to Bojo River. Photo by SuperCebu.Com

"Bojo River is a reminiscence to Palawan's lofty rock formations surrounded by a clear and blue river." said CBS Style blogger, Lloyd Chua of

"I don't necessarily have the luxury to travel all the time. So when I heard about Bojo River tagged as the mini Palawan of Cebu, I grabbed the opportunity to experience its Palawan-esque beauty through a 90-minute river cruise. It definitely did not disappoint.The lush greens of the mangroves, the clarity of the water and the rich flora and fauna of Bojo River seemingly mimicked the best of Palawan. Now, you don't have to spend much to get a glimpse of what the best island in the world (Palawan) has to offer. " said Philip Pinggoy of

CBS Bloggers ready to board. Photo by

CBS Bloggers (L-R) Philip Pinggoy of, FaceCebu.Net Author and Ian Limpangog of
"It is tagged as mini palawan because aside from its rock formation similarity, you will get to enjoy the marine life by snorkeling and boat cruising. Bojo river also has 22 different mangrove species and 173 different residential birds." said Blogger, Guada Cuizon.

"It reminded me about El Nido's Big Lagoon where two verdant karst massifs form a spectacular passage. Both are testament to nature's stunning mix of complimenting colors and geography" said Ian Limpangog, Blogger

Just like its meaning "River Ceiling", Bojo River indeed gives us a mini view of what it looks like to experience Palawan adventures. In the end of the less than an hour River Cruise is the horizon of Tañon Strait, which lies between the islands of Negros and Cebu. In this area of the cruise, you can see the beautiful Mt. Kanlaon of Negros with your naked eyes.

Siesta and Dip at Hermit's Cove

After Bojo River adventure, we then headed to the white sand spot of Aloguinsan, Hermit's Cove. Just like Bojo River, it is also managed by BAETAS which in fairness to the organization, they were able to maintain the beach in terms of cleanliness and tourists/visitors' management. There was an orientation before going down to the beach shore.  If you are going there solo, it's okay not to bring foods or baon since there is a mini-carenderia or store near the receiving area which you can buy foods and beverages. Note, you cannot bring alcoholic drinks inside the Beach premises. Generally, aside from the white sand (not fine) and clear blue water, Hermit's Cove suggests to Tourists to have chill session while enjoying your friends' company.

FaceCebu.Net Author Author in Hermit's Cove

Hermit's Cove Receiving Area. Photo by

CBS Bloggers groufie. Photo by

1. From Cebu South Bus Terminal, ride a bus bound to Aloguinsan Cebu. Fare : PHP 70-80.00
2. Asked the Driver or Conductor to drop at Aloguinsan Tourism Office
3. From Aloguinsan Tourism, pay your River Cruise and Hermit's Cove adventure/entrance.
Bojo River Cruice - PHP 400 which includes entrance, 1 hour and 30 minutes river cruise and swim.
Hermit's Cove - PHP 100 as entrance fee
4. From Aloguinsan Tourism Office, get a motorcycle going to Bojo River. PHP 20.00

Hermit's Cove's Entrance. Photo by LloydAndBehold
1. From Bojo Rive, grab a motorcycle or habal-habal going to Hermit's Cove. PHP 40.00

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