3 Ways to lessen COVID-19 Spread During Shopping

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COVID-19 has been pandemic! Aside from the Social Distancing initiative, it is also recommended during shopping not to use money - papers and coins in every transaction may it is offline or online. I believe a cashless transaction is indeed a-must this time of crisis! Have you tried Scan to Pay or any of that service of your e-wallet?

Image by Puregold Facebook page. Edited by @themarkmonta

There was a study in 2017 that money especially coins have a number of hundreds of microorganisms on it which includes bacteria, microbes, and viruses. How much more on this pandemic crisis we are facing? Here are some tips which can help lessen the spread of viruses even in a small way.

1. Go Cashless!

It cannot be denied that we need to do groceries for commodities and buy important cleansing stuff such as Ethyl Alcohol, soap, wipes, among others. But we need to be vigilant and careful also in our surroundings. For example, if you shop at Puregold for some important goods to be used during quarantine at home, you have a choice of using GCash Scan to Pay in order NOT to tap on anything suspected of having a virus or germs.

2. Order via Delivery

If you cannot contain your cravings, then it's better to order online. There are services by our favorite restaurants such as BonChon, Army Navy, among others that offer delivery. Just download their mobile apps or browse in their designated online delivery address. And of course, do not choose cash on delivery as this will defeat our purpose not to be contaminated with the virus. Choose your GCash online payment option and you are set to go.

3. Always observe 6 feet or 2 meters distance away from the delivery guy.  How to do this?

  • Ask the delivery guy to take all orders outside the delivery package then politely ask him to distance himself from the delivery mobile.
  • Then it's your time to go to the delivery mobile and grab your orders.
  • Do not forget to say Thank you to the delivery guy.

I hope this brief article can help all my netifriends (netizen friends) in their daily life during this crisis. Just always keep in mind, it's better to be safe in all terms. Take care!

And of course, please help disseminate this drive!

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