Even We're Far Away, Let's All Be Connected By Hope

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Aside from the fact that Covid-19 brought 2020 down, it also brought a positive outcome to all Families, especially to our Filipino Families. It made us realized how strong our families are and it brought us closer to each other! With this, the pandemic gives us more strength, love, and faith that soon this will be over but for now, let's all stay at home and be all Connected by Hope

This is what I learned during my quarantine life. I have never been so close to my sisters and brothers. I've been very helpful to my niece and nephews especially on their Modules and online classes. Imagine an uncle like me, doing the office job at home while beside me are my nephews/nieces who are waiting for my assistance for their daily lessons. I thank PLDT Home for not giving us headaches during those difficult times. They are so reliable until this writing.  


Me, guiding our kiddo on his first Bisaya Test Review on Modular Class. #f#y #f#yp #x#yzbca #o#nlineclass

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To add to that, I've become the errand boy of the family. I do the groceries, I do the dishes and I do the cleaning at the bathroom. I am so proud of it. Sometimes, when I do the grocery and forget something, I just called my mother via Facebook Messenger and together discuss what to buy. Her realme 5 pro is connected to our PLDT Home Fibr - no hassle at all!  

While staying at home, my mother started planting plants. She never buys them but she asked her sister in law who is living in the province area to send her some parts of the plants and she then does grow them. Sometimes, when she felt that she did wrong, she just then grabbed her smartphone and do some research. After then, she will post her plots with plants proudly!    

And what's the other thing that happened that I did not imagine I did was some DIY and bedroom improvement! Yes, I became very addicted to DIY research online and made my room very pleasing to the eyes. I am just so proud of it.  


Indeed, Home is the best office. Home is where the family is. Home is where our Hope is. Let's all be connected by Hope!

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