Moira DeLa Torre's Pag-ibig Ang Piliin Is Now On Spotify

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My new LSS, “Pag-ibig ang Piliin,” by Moira Dela Torre is officially streaming on Spotify. Collaborated with PLDT Home, this song with the official hashtag #ChooseToLove is composed and arranged by award-winning songwriter Jonathan Manalo. You may click this Pag-ibig ang Piliin Spotify Link for the song or check this Pag-Ibig ang Piliin For Lyrics and Video.

Official Music Video of Moira Dela Torre Pagibig Ang Piliin

In its Valentine’s Campaign, PLDT Home highlights the importance of choosing to love amidst all circumstances and challenges. While the internet and social media have become important platforms for free expression and open dialogue, the #ChooseToLove campaign reminds everyone to always choose love over hate, divisiveness, fear and rejection.

This new song is a bright ray of light that is much needed today. It tells us that love is the most powerful choice through its moving lines. 

“Kahit na ‘di natin alam ang bukas
Kahit ‘di sumikat ang araw at bumuhos ang ulan
Kahit hindi umayon ang tadhana
Isang tawag mo lang, pupuntahan nasaan ka man.
Ganyan ang tunay na pag-ibig ‘di takot sa mundo 
Ipaglalaban kita hanggang sa dulo 
Pag-ibig ang pipiliin ko.”

Moira notes that she was “honored to be chosen by PLDT Home” to sing this new song. She continues that the message of the song is what she has been trying to embody in the many years that she has been an artist.

Songwriter and music arranger Jonathan Manalo shares that the main message of the song highlights the ultimate power of love that changes and conquers all. He says, “This a love song that puts emphasis on ‘Love’ that is worth fighting for. Love against all odds, even if the world seems to disapprove, no one can question the power of a person’s great true love. When you choose to fight for love, it is the ultimate power, nothing, no one can stand in your way.” The song was also co-written by singer-songwriter Trisha Denise. 

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