La Busa Italian Restaurant and Bar Opens First Branch in Cebu

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Yesterday marked the 10-day age of this newly opened Italian Restaurant in Cebu, La Busa. Together with other Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. members, FaceCebu.Net was able to experience their featured dishes and some offerings for Cebuanos. Focusing on Italian cuisine, La Busa gave us a preview on what would be the best servings for Cebuanos such as their best seller (so far) Braciola Di Maiale Pan Seared Pork Chop with Saute Beans which definitely a must try. La Busa Italian Restaurant and Bar is located at the ground floor of Tsai Hotel, Lahug Cebu.

Tsai Hotel in Lahug Cebu

LA Busa Italian Restaurant and Bar Entrance
Before we proceed to check their foods, let's give you a tour to their small but comfy place.

That small corner is your way to their small but clean comfort room

Check out their bar....

The owner was busy preparing foods for CBSi Bloggers

Drinks and other Menu are displayed in that blackboard , chalk written.

Here's another view....

Of course, here are the CBSi Bloggers who graced the food tasting (LEFT-RIGHT) Waitress, Agnes Jimenez of , the owner Mr. Stefano Quaquarelli, Jweny Garcia and Owner, Mark M. Monta

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Aside from the mentioned main course above, check below for other delish foods. Note on the "MUST TRY" tag so that you won't be disappointed if ever you chose something that doesn't feel good with your taste buds. (wink)

This is a free or compliment appetizer while waiting for your order.
APPETIZER: Salamae e Formaggio Focaccia Bread with Salami and Parmesean Cheese (PHP 225.00) - MUST TRY!

MAIN COURSE: Fegato alla Veneziana Pork Liver Cooked with Onion Olive Oil ( PHP 215.00 ) - MUST TRY!

APPETIZER : Crab-cake served with Bell Pepper Pure (PHP 220.00)

PASTA: Lasgna Classic Italian Recipe (PHP 195.00) - MUST TRY!
MAIN COURSE: Pesce in Padella Pan Seared MAHI MAHI fillet with Shrimps Clam ( PHP 250.00 )

MAIN COURSE: (top and bottom) Braciola Di Maiale Pan Seared Pork Chop with Saute Beans (PHP 260.00) - MUST TRY!
And now, let's go to DESSERTS!!!!!

Cheesecake in a glass ( PHP 155.00 )- MUST TRY!
Tiramisu ( PHP 155.00 )

Dessert for the Night, Apple Pie
Contact Information:
La Busa Italian Restaurant and Bar
Facebook: ( no official facebook page yet)
Address: Ground floor of Tsai Hotel, Salinas drive Wilson street, Cebu City

NOTE: Prices may change. Please revisit and keep updated on this article.

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  1. They definitely deserve applause for the nice selection of bread and the service at our New York events which was good from start to finish. The mass produced filet was too good.


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