Funtastic Island in Gibitngil Medellin, Our LIKES and DISLIKES

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After our Church activities and responsibilities during Palm Sunday to Black Saturday, I decided to join my friends' quick celebration of Easter Sunday at the Northern part of Cebu . We planned to experience the said to be "amazing" Funtastic Island in Gibitngil, Medellin overnight - from Sunday until Monday afternoon. It was indeed a long bus ride as we met at the Bus Terminal by 4 AM and departed at a quarter to 5, then we arrived at past 8 in the morning in Gibitngil Island.

[TOP] These colorful Funtastic Island cottages [BOTTOM] FaceCebu.Net author with friends. Photos by Doc. Francis Solis

As much as I wanted to promote Local Tourism, sometimes those people who manage these Tourist destinations could not see what needs to be improved in their vicinities. If I kept on saying those "Nice" words, they would forgot to see those factors that needs to be highlighted, corrected and developed. Now , let me give you some "LIKES" and "DISLIKES" in regards to our Funtastic Island Experience.

Another cool shot by Doc. Francis Solis

A groufie with the boys of Summer. LOL

1. Transfer from Port to the island will only take 10-15 minutes (if no big waves)
2. The water is clear
3. You can do snorkeling while watching small fishes
4. Enjoy Cliff diving as this is one of the major highlights of the island
5. Experience Zipline in just PHP 50
6. Savor the moments during Sunset - the best view ever at the island
7. Chill with friends during Night time, very relaxing
8. A lone barbeque stand is available
9. Store with water and other snacks is available
10. Trashes are well managed. Garbage bins are visible.

[TOP] With this small pump boat while on our way to the Island [BOTTOM] Just arrive, look at the view! Photos by Doc. Francis Solis

1. Very limited shorelines with no powdery white sands.
2. Under that clear water are pebbles and rocks - yes, rocks are everywhere
3. Disturbing set-up of tables and chairs under those "not-so-managed" tents
4. Basketball court near the tents is not a good idea - they could have convert it to a Volleyball court.
5. A small covered room is not worth your PHP 1000.00 - the room is very small which can only accommodate 2-3 people.
6. There is no private Comfort room for that 1000-worth room
7. No other interesting spots except for those colorful cottages and bridges
8. You cannot witness Sunrise in the Island
9. Personal Suggestion : If you come from the City, this is not worth your 4-hour trip. Instead, you can choose other nearby islands ( Camotes, Bantayan Island, Virgin Island, etc)

Sunset By the Beach. Top photo by Marvin Maning. Bottom photo by Mark Monta

Basing on the above posts, if you still wanted to check Funtastic Island, here's how to visit in Funtastic Island in Gibitngil Medellin:
1. Ride a jeepney going to North Bus Terminal (NBT)
2. From NBT, ride a bus going to Kawit, Medellin ( Fare is PHP 150 one way )
3. From Alpine Port in Kawit, take the pump boat to Gibitngil Island
4. Upon arrival at Funtastic Island, look for Captain Danny for further details and instructions.

Marvin Maning tried to shot Sunrise at Funtastic Island
Funtastic Island Rates
Entrance:        PHP 10.00
Cottage :        Php 250-Php350 (Whole Day usage)
Close Rooms:        PHP 1000
Kayak    :        Php 150/hour
Life Vest/Jacket :    Php 25
Zipline :        Php 50/ride
Cliff Diving - FREE
Pump Boat Rental :     PHP 1200 ( Back and forth, good for 6 people )

Contact Details
Telephone Number:    4362031 (look for Flor)
Mobile Numbers:     09176236248 or 09328667661 or contact Captain Danny via 0920.463.6724

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