WATCH: Laglag Barya or "Hulog-Hulog Piso" Modus Operandi Inside 13C Jeepney

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Last Friday, A Youtube User Astig Tao uploaded a video showing how this "Coin-Dropping" or "Laglag Barya" or "Hulog-Hulog Piso" Modus Operandi works. You can see that the person (near to the Driver's seat) is dropping coins while at the same time moving his seat near to the victim (the lady with a handbag). While doing such, you would notice another person with a black backpack that covers his lap doing something suspicious. When the drama was done, you can then see that the person with a backpack finally took something inside the lady's handbag. Bottomline, every commuters should always and again "always" take care and should always look after their belongings when inside a public transportation.

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Now, here's the video we are talking about.

Posted by on Monday, June 15, 2015

Caption by Astig Tao, "This video was taken last June 12, 2015. Tan.awa ila mga tactics. 4 sila kabu ok and solid ug lawas pa ang usa. 13C ni na jeep padulong talamban. Please do share and be careful."

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